Nothing Underneath/Too Beautiful to Die Blu- Ray Review

Label: Vinegar Syndrome

Format: Blu Ray

Right off the bat I have to say this is one of the few double packs I’ve seen that’s done right. It has a reversible cover, allowing you to display whichever one you like. Both covers look great and the standardized packaging of Vinegar Syndrome films is much appreciated as always.

As fot the films themselves, Nothing Underneath is a must see Giallo starring Donald Pleasance while Too Beautiful to Die is a pretty jarring and forgettable film. The prints look ok, but they’re nothing special. My main issue with the presentation is the sound. The sound mixing (especially in Too Beautiful to Die) isn’t good at all. I found myself constantly turning the volume up when the dialogue was too quiet to hear and turning it down after a musical track blew out my ear drums. It’s not ideal and for context I did try it out on two different players.

I would say the special features section is ok. Nothing that really stands out, but there are a lot of interviews with the writers, composer and stars. You also get a commentary by the Giallo centric podcast The Hysteria Continues! as well as one by film critic and historian Rachel Nisbet on Nothing Underneath. Nisbet returns for a commentary on Too Beautiful to Die, but it’s basically just that and an interview with the director. Too Beautiful to Die definitely drew the short straw when it comes to special features.

Let’s get down to brass tacks on this one. No, it’s not the most impressive release, but if you like Nothing Underneath this is the best way to own it. Without labels like Vinegar Syndrome, some of these obscure titles would be unattainable. We’re lucky to have them at all and anything extra can be viewed as icing on the cake. This is a must own for fans, even if it’s not quite up to the standards set by other labels.

Film Quality/Restoration: 6 (due mainly to the sound mixing).

Special Features: 7

Artwork/Packaging: 9

Final Verdict: 7

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